Saturday, May 8, 2010



Al-Shifa Medical Tourism, a Division of Al-Shifa Super Speciality Hospital for Piles at Rajaji Road, Ernakulam, Kerala was established to cater to the requirement of our valued clients from various States in India and overseas countries who have been keenly interested to take advantage of their presence while in Kerala which is popularly known for the ‘nature healing’ effect. The amazing healing power of natural health care system, the Aurveda was discovered around 3000 years ago.

Kerala, popularly known as ‘God’s Own Country’ located at the southern tip of India with the Arabian sea on the west, western Ghats towering 500 – 2700m on the east and networked by 44 rivers, Kerala enjoys unique geographic features that have made it one of the most sought tourism destinations in Asia. A long shore line with serene beaches , tranquil stretches of emerald back waters, lush hill stations and exotic wildlife, waterfalls, sprawling plantations and paddy fields, magical festivals, historic and cultural monuments, Authentic Aurveda Health Care, exotic cuisine etc offers the tourists a unique experience.


Main Locations of Interest to Tourists

MUNNAR : Known to be the queen of Hill stations, Munnar is right at the confluence of three mountain streams – Madurapuzha, Nallathani and Kundala.1600 M above sea level. Forest Trekking, Camping, Angling, Paragliding, Plantation Tours,, Tea Factory visits, Helicopter holidaying, Golf, Cycling, Boating etc are the main attractions to Tourists. Approx. 100 KM from Ernakulam (Kochi) connected by road.

THEKKADY : Hills and spice scented plantations, the tropical ever green forest of Thekkady is one of the finest wildlife reserves in India. About 1800 M above sea level. Boat cruises on the periyar Lake, Bird watching, Forest trekking, Plantation tours, Spice tours, Elephant sfari, visits to tribal settlements etc are the main attractions of tourists. 100 kms from Ernakulam (Kochi) connected by Road.

VAGAMON; An intriguing blend of religious mysticism and European legacy, the chain of three hills Vagamon are Thangal Hill, Murugan Hill and Kurisumala, slated to be one of the finest eco tourism resorts in Kerala. Trekking, Plantation visits, Pilgrimages, Garden visits are the main attractions. About 150 kms from Ernakumal (Kochi) connected by road.

KUMARAKAM : Miles of blue waters, soft ripples, smiling lotuses, Bobbing boatmen, plopping fish, diving birds, swaying paddy fields, Life is calm, simple and beautiful. Tucked away amidst mangrove forests and coconut groves lies the sleepy little hamlet of Kumarakam is home to sprawling ethnic waterfront resorts. Boat cruises, bird watching, Plantation tours, spice tours, garden visits etc are the attractions. About 75 kms from Ernakulam connected by road and rail up to Kottayam.

Al-Shifa Tourism offers a variety of packages to suit every mood and character and our tourists are in the safe hands of the best professionals who make sure that our clients explore and experience the world the best way and as comprehensive as one can get.

While being with Al-Shifa, we ensure that you are not a patient on Medical Tourism, but holidaying with Nature in God’s Own Country in the hands of most selective people who understand well the need of our clients.

Our Management & staff headed by the Chairman & Managing Director Dr. Shajahan Yoosaf Sahib leaves no stone unturned to ensure that our GUESTS not CLIENTS are not only satisfied but delighted with our services. A Guest is a God showered with unobtrusive attention.



Al-Shifa Super Speciality Hospital for Piles at Rajaji Road, Ernakulam, established in 2002 is today widely known among the leading hospitals in India and in particular the most popular hospital in India and overseas countries, for Piles and associated diseases. We offer the most modern expertise, the Laser Technology used exclusively for the treatment of Piles (Haemorrhoids), Fistula, Fissure etc. introduced by us for the first time in India. We, Al Shifa Hospital have been successful in achieving the highest reputation through the large number of patients who have been successfully treated in our hospital for the last 8 years. Among many causes of Piles viz. erect posture and gravity, Diet, Habit and Occupation, Frequent Enema, Heredity etc, large number of our patient’s have been affected through Heredity and those from the same families when expresses their fullest satisfaction after 7/8 years while coming with other families, we considers to be the most privileged in the industry.

The Chairman & Managing Director Dr. Shajahan Yoosaf Sahib, the founder of Al-Shifa is a visionary and a dedicated medical professional along with a team of highly qualified and well experienced experts from all field surges ahead with an intense desire to bring the most qualitative medical services to the patients suffering from Piles and other related ailments.

Besides local patients (Indian origin), we have been regularly attending to a large number of patients from nearby Islands of Lakshadweep, Maladweep and other overseas countries like UAE, SULTANATE OF OMAN, KUWAIT, BAHRAIN, DOHA, K.S.A., AFRICAN COUNTRIES and WESTERN COUNTRIES etc which in addition to large number of NRIs spread through the Middle East, Europe, USA etc. Al-Shifa Hospital with Hi-Tech Facilities and qualitative Medical services conforms to the International standard and in line with the modern life style. A research driven Super Speciality Hospital, we never compromise on quality and we also believe in dignity of our patients. We are part of a foundation which is built on the bedrock of honesty and integrity. The purpose of our foundation is to provide the best, qualitative, enduring and cost effective treatment to the needy who are considered to be our valuable guests.

Al-Shifa is the world’s first laser treatment centre using most modern technology for the treatment of piles and all associated conditions affecting the rectum and anal canal. This is a division if Al-Shifa Educations and Charitable Trust. Here all facilities are available for the outpatient and inpatient treatment of piles and all associated conditions affecting the rectum and anal canal, fissure, fistula [high fistula and low fistula] perianal abscess, prolapse rectum, internal haemorrhoids piles, external piles etc. comparable international standards. This laser treatment is 100% safe with no side effects. We have hospital facilities tallying with international standard with a/c and non-a/c rooms. The hospital and its treatment have already been approved and recognized by government of TPA services, LIC, All Medi-claim Policy issuing authorities and many organizations. We are aiming the development of the society. We update treatment modalities depending upon international development. We have grown to be one of the best Colo-Proctology hospital in the world.